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Aaron is a very knowledgeable, respectful and structured trainer and nutritional counselor with a precise understanding of the proper techniques for various workouts. From our first session, I felt Aaron understood my goals and knew how to get me there. I appreciate his commitment to me and he is always clearly and solely focused on our sessions from start to finish, making sure I understand what to do, why, and how to do it properly for the best results. I look forward to every session and am excited to train with him multiple times a week. I highly recommend Aaron to anyone wanting to get fit as long as he still leaves time for me.   Scott S.

In his first 7 months Scott took his leg press from 180 lbs to 620 lbs.

I have been training with Aaron since September of 2013.  This trainer guy knows his stuff.  He prepares training routines that focus on my needs and keeps track of my progress in his training notes.  He pays close attention to form so I get the most benefit from a given exercise while preventing injury.  Even though I am a “woman of a certain age” I never feel that Aaron doesn’t take my training sessions as seriously as the “next guy’s.”  Julie M.

Fitness has always been an important part of my overall well being. The body is the temple of the Lord right?  So I hired three different trainers at three different times in my life and all I learned is what I don't want in a trainer until I started working with Aaron. If proof is in the pudding, that proof is measured in 45 pound plates at the gym. Working with Aaron I was able to get stronger than I've ever been and felt better than I ever have. Plain and simple. I'd recommend him to anyone looking to improve their overall fitness. Just go sign up and commit. You will earn your results and will know how to work out correctly. Thanks Aaron!!!  Elias A.

What am I most proud of?  Being strong, out-lifting 90% of the women in the gym at 57 years old, my commitment and consistency to working out 3 days a week for the last eight years, and feeling good and rarely getting sick.


Aaron is incredibly knowledgeable about the human body and explains how each exercise works.  He pays attention to each and every lift to ensure I do it correctly.  He is not on the phone or chatting with other trainers/clients.


I have never pulled a muscle or gotten hurt while on his watch.  He mixes up my routines and lifts to ensure my body is not getting used to the work.  He encourages good nutrition and is willing to help with nutrition guidance to reach specific goals.


He has worked with my two athlete teenagers to enhance their strength and conditioning keeping them healthy on the football field and volleyball court.  Laurie S.

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